Volume 43: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VI

Impact of User Drive Style on EV Energy Storage System Aging Clemente Capasso, Luigi Iannucci, Ottorino Veneri



In the last decades, the transition to zero-emission automotive transportation has accelerated thanks to the technological advancement of Electric Vehicles (EVs). In particular, the great performance improvements of their Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) in energy and power density have declared this automotive transportation the most promising among the competitors. However, EVs are still being studied by the research community in order to overcome several challenges which limit the large diffusion of this technology on the global market. The aim of this paper is to analyse the relationship between user drive style and battery pack’s aging which reduces ESS capacity over the operative time. The analysis is carried out in MatLab/Simulink environment on real urban driving cycles using an experimentally validated ageing-electro-thermal model of a LiNMC cell. The evaluations have been obtained by monitoring the BP State of Health (SoH) under different user’s drive styles and operative conditions. The paper’s results provide useful information for the ESS manufacturers and designers in order to improve the achievable EVs’ road range.

Keywords Sustainable Mobility, Electric Vehicles, Battery Pack Aging, Lithium Cell Modelling

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