Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

Impactors Evaluation of MEA-Based CO2 Capture in Cement Industry Nan Wang, Xiaoyan Ji*



The development of CO2 capture became great of importance in recent years. Apart from reducing the emissions from power generation sector, capturing CO2 from industrial flue gas has not been a popular topic, especially in the cement industries which is quite energy intensive and a main resource of anthropogenic CO2 emission in industries. The main purpose of this work was to systematically conduct techno-economic analysis of CO2 capture based on MEA technology, in which the impactors such as the flue gas flow rate, flue gas CO2 concentration and CO2 recovery rate were studied with the commercialized software Aspen Plus. Meanwhile, the concentration of MEA solutions was studied. The results indicate that 20% MEA is more suitable for practical application. The CAPEX is more sensitive to these selected impactors than OPEX, but still OPEX dominates the major change in the overall cost. In addition, the gas flowrate and CO2 concentration are the major impactors affect the cost rather than the CO2 recovery rate.

Keywords Carbon capture, CO2 mitigation, MEA, Economic evaluation, Process simulation, Aspen Plus

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