Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Improving Accuracy on Energy Use for High-rise Office Buildings via Considering Microclimate Effect Cong Yu, Wei Pan



Increasing attention is paid to the influence of microclimate factors on building energy use. However, there is limited research focusing on high-rise office buildings. This study aims to analyse the accuracy of building energy performance for high-rise office buildings by considering microclimate factors. A real-life high-rise office building located in Hong Kong was selected as the case building. One-year onsite measurement for five microclimate factors was conducted. Three scenarios were considered to evaluate the microclimate effect on building energy use. By using different weather datasets, the deviation of the total building energy use is around 3%, while the deviation of the cooling energy use can be up to 7.9%. The results emphasise the importance of considering the urban microclimate effects on energy consumption.

Keywords Building energy use, high-rise office buildings, microclimate

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