Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Increasing Quality of Health and Income Per Capita with Household Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat and Waste Cooking Oil Didiek Hardiyanto Soegiantoro, Gregory Hope Soegiantoro



Cardiovascular disease and obesity are the number one causes of death. Consumption of unhealthy chicken fat and waste cooking oil in Indonesia is still very high with the aim of reducing household spending without reducing the quality of the taste of the food. This study produces biodiesel using a modified reactor which is applied in the home industry using feedstocks of mixture of chicken fat and waste cooking oil with various compositions, calculates the economic value of biodiesel products, and tested with biodiesel properties. The purpose of this research is to produce biodiesel from home industries that fulfill the biodiesel properties standards and calculate the economic value of the biodiesel produced so that it can increase the income per capita of the Indonesian people.
The research method is a development research of applied biodiesel production in the home industry from feedstocks mixture of chicken fat and waste cooking oil 1:3, 1:1, and 3:1 with a modified biodiesel reactor with a capacity of 5-8 liters. Biodiesel production by esterification-transesterification reaction. Biodiesel from home industry is calculated for its economic value and business opportunities, and then tested with fuel properties: flash point ASTM D 93, cloud point ASTM D 975, density ASTM D 1268, kinematic viscosity ASTM D 445, and alkyl ester content EN 12514.
This study includes a cost analysis of the proposed biodiesel production method to evaluate whether the method would be a feasible alternative for low income families to develop it as a home industry as a mean to ammend their income. The result of the analysis shows that the production cost of the proposed method is lower than the current selling price of the Government’s subsidized biodiesel price, making the method to be an attractive choice for a home industry alternative.

Keywords renewable/green energy resources, applied energy technologies, chicken fat, waste cooking oil, increasing quality of health, increasing income per capita

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