Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Influence of temperature on aging of lithium-ion batteries Jianbo Shi, Xueqiang Li, Xu Luo, Yabo Wang, Shengchun Liu, Hailong Li



The influence of temperature on the lifetime of lithium batteries (LIBs) is significant, so it is important to fully understand the role of temperature in the aging of LIBs to extend the battery life. Although there are many reviews on the factors influencing the aging of LIBs, there is no systematic analysis of the effect of temperature on the aging mechanism of LIBs. This paper summarized the impact of temperature on aging mechanism. For anode, high temperature would accelerate the growth of SEI; while low temperature mainly results in lithium plating. For cathode, high temperature leaded to electrolyte oxidation and metal oxide decomposition; and low temperature leads to passive layer growth and phase change on the cathode surface, resulting in an increase in impedance. It should be note that, little research was conducted on low temperature. In addition, for electrolyte, the temperature mainly affects its impedance and its stability, and therefore, leading to the capacity degradation.

Keywords Lithium-ion battery, temperature, aging mechanism, temperature related properties

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