Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Influence of the component efficiency on the performance of a compressed CO2 energy storage Junwei Liu, Xiaoling Luo, Yao zhang, Yilun zhang, Zhan Liu, Xiaohu Yang



Compressed CO2 energy storage has received a lot of attention as a favorable solution on solving the intermittency of renewable energy sources. A novel compressed CO2 energy storage system with a flexible gas holder is proposed in this paper. Mathematic models are established and parametric analyses are conducted to evaluate the thermodynamic and economic performance of the proposed system. Results demonstrate that there exists an optimum turbine efficiency of 86% to achieve the lowest levelized cost of electricity. Higher isentropic efficiency of compressors produces higher round-trip efficiency and higher levelized cost of electricity. Higher round trip efficiency and lower levelized cost of electricity are operated with lower pressure loss and pinch temperature difference of heat exchangers. Meanwhile, system performance such as round trip efficiency and levelized cost of electricity are more sensitive to heater1

Keywords Compressed CO2 energy storage system, pinch temperature difference, pressure loss

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