Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Influence of water washing pretreatment on ash fusion characteristics of biomass Jiahao Jiang, Yunquan Li, Guangpu Ji, Ruiyu Li, Lei Deng, Defu Che



Water washing pretreatment is an effective method to remove alkali metals and chlorine elements in biomass, which could improve the performance of ash deposition and slagging of biomass fuels. In this study, two typical biomass fuels were pretreated with water washing. The effect of water washing on the ash fusion characteristics was carried out. According to the ash fusion characteristics test experiments, four characteristic temperatures and ash fusion dynamic curves of biomass ash samples were obtained, and the corresponding relationship between characteristic temperature and dynamic curve was studied. The results show that the fusion process of biomass ash contains four stage including shrinkage, expansion, melting and flow. Water washing can increase the deformation temperature of biomass ash by about 300 °C and the flow temperature by 150 °C, which can significantly reduce the biomass ash slagging.

Keywords water washing, biomass, ash fusion characteristics, ash melting dynamic curve

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