Volume 14: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part III

Injection Insulation Monitoring of Ship Shore Power System Liu Chang



The development status of the ship’s shore power system and shore power insulation system and the research status of insulation monitoring technology are described. The use of external DC power injection to monitor the insulation performance of the shore power system is studied. In order to quickly find the point of insulation reduction, the problem of selecting the line of multiple power supply branches of the shore power system is studied. In order to further accurately determine the fault point, a comprehensive insulation monitoring and line selection and phase selection scheme for ship shore power systems based on additional injection signals, comparison of branch zero sequence currents, and comparison of branch relative to ground voltage is proposed, which solves the problem of ITN-powered ship shore power System insulation monitoring problem.

Keywords Keywords: ship shore power system, injection insulation monitoring,ITN system

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