Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Integrated Energy System for the Production and Use of Renewable Methanol via Alkaline Electrolysis and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Francesco Lonis , Vittorio Tola, Giorgio Cau



The conversion of renewable hydrogen and recycled CO2 to valuable fuels in power-to-liquids (PtL) systems could help mitigate the negative effects of CO2 emissions. Within this context, methanol is a promising candidate, both as an energy carrier and a chemical feedstock. This paper is focused on renewable methanol production and its use in a PtL integrated system based on alkaline water electrolysis, high temperature solid oxide fuel cells, a thermal energy storage system and an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) engine. Detailed models of the main subsystems were developed and implemented by using Aspen Plus software. A comprehensive analysis via mass and energy balances was carried out to evaluate performance indexes of each section and of the overall plant for two different configurations: with and without the ORC engine

Keywords alkaline electrolysis, methanol, CO2 hydrogenation, energy storage, power-to-liquids, decarbonisation

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