Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Integrated Model Predictive Control in Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain for Improving Fuel Consumption Debraj Bhattacharjee*, Prabha Bhola, Pranab Dan



This article aims to develop a model predictive power source or mode control governing power management for Toyota Prius 2013 model, a Plugin power-split hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). The integrated powertrain control has been developed considering the engine torque, motor torque, generator torque and power source mode of the vehicle as control variables and wheel torque as system output. The driving pattern used in this work is by combining five popular driving cycles on which the developed model is applied it results into a 7.93 % improvement in fossil fuel economy. In certain situations, this improvement can be very high considering real time driving data, not strictly based on a driving cycle, and a studied case shows an improvement of 38.24%.

Keywords economy, fuel, mode selection, model predictive control, power-split hybrid electric vehicle

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