Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Integration of a Rooftop PV System Into a Regional CHP Plant and the Impacts on Production Planning – a Case Study Mahsa Daraei, Anders Avelin, Eva Thorin



This study is part of an investigation on the influences of future energy demand and increased application of renewable resources on production planning of a regional energy system in the central part of Sweden. The study addresses the impacts of power supply from rooftop solar cells, increased application of heat pumps and penetration of electric passenger cars. Optimization results imply that use of heat pumps to replace district heating affects the demand side and reduces the heat production from energy plants. However, the power imports increase by 22%, compared with the reference system. By contrast, 100% penetration of electric vehicles in the transportation system only increases the power imports, without substantial effects on the energy plants performance.

Keywords renewable resources, regional energy system, production planning, heat pumps

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