Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Intelligent Analysis of Power Transmission Quota for Multi-energy Power System External Transmission Section Based on Neural Network HU Wei, SUN Yunchao, Fang Baomin, LI Yanhe, Ma Kun



In order to solve the problem of renewable energy consumption, this paper focuses on the study of dynamic adjustment methods of maximum transmission power capacity for the key transmission sections. Firstly, based on the current power grid company’s simulation ideas for solving cross-sectional quotas, a step-size search simulation sample generation method is proposed. Then based on the BP neural network optimized by the LM algorithm, a model that can quickly determine the transmission section quota is established. Finally, the effectiveness of the model is verified through the operating data of the Western China Power Grid. The results show that the model can fit the non-linear relationship between the generator output combination and the section transmission quota well, and has great practical value.

Keywords wind power system, BP neural network, Sample data generation, Power transmission Quota

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