Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Investigation of a Solar Concentrator for Water Distillation Sunita Mahavar*, Boris V. Balakin, Ankit Goyal



Non-availability of fresh water is one of the major problems faced by humanity. Major developments in water purification technologies are needed in the current scenario at an affordable price. Different types of treatment processes are available to supply fresh water to rural and urban areas at large and small scales. However, conventional fossil-fuel powered desalination techniques consume extensive amounts of resources and can have damaging impact on the environment. Abundant, cheap and clean renewable energy sources are a promising alternative for powering modern desalination processes. The present paper focuses on an experimental study of a dish type solar concentrator for water distillation. Different types of receivers (pressurized/non-pressurized & transparent/opaque) are being tested and analysis are being made for the optimization of receiver design and to obtain maximum yield. Tests are also being performed with transparent receiver in order to execute further tests with Activated Charcoal (AC), Graphene and metal Nanoparticles dispersed water. In water quality test TDS and pH values are measured before and after the experiments.

Keywords Concentrated solar desalinator, Concentration ratio, pressurized receivers, activated charcoal

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