Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Investigation of Entropy Generation During Condensation in Inclined Smooth Tubes Adelaja, A. O., Omosehin O.S., Dirker, J., Meyer, J.P



The design and optimization of heat exchange equipment for effective and efficient performance are imperative and need a thermodynamic analysis. In this study, the effects of mass flux, vapour quality, inclination angle, and flow pattern were investigated on the local entropy generation during the condensation of HFC 134a in an inclined smooth tube. Results showed that the effect of inclination on entropy generation was insignificant for high mass fluxes cum high quality and for Re ≥ 1.75×105 . For high mass fluxes, entropy generation decreased with quality but was unpredictable for low mass fluxes. 66.7% of the data for the gravity-independent flow and 87.5% of the data for gravity-dependent flow were found to have local minimum entropy generation number during upward and downward flows respectively.

Keywords entropy generation number, condensation, inclination angle, flow pattern map, two-phase flow

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