Volume 47

Investigation of microchannel heat sink with new micro pin-fin design for heat transfer enhancement Honglu Lin, Yanhong Guo, Jing Wang, Yong Ren



A novel design of different arrangements of micro pin-fins is proposed and comparative analysis has been done to study the heat transfer enhancement evaluated by pressure drop, dimensionless temperature hoist at the exit and Nusselt number. Furthermore, the variables that material of heat sink, five different shapes and three different arrangement of micro pin fins are investigated to determine the MCHS with optimum heat transfer capacity. The predicted results demonstrate that the amount of Nu for the novel deign 59.9% larger than unfinned structure at Re=1000. The addition of micro pin-fins increases heat transfer surface area as well as interrupts and makes thermal boundary layer redevelop, resulting effective heat transfer. Different arrangements improve the effect and show better thermal performance. The results also illustrate that the pin-fin with triangular shaped cross-section yield better performance.

Keywords microchannel heat sink, numerical analysis, heat transfer

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