Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Investigation of Plate Condenser with Multiply Liquid-Separation Zhiying Liang , Jianyong Chen , Xianglong Luo , Ying Chen , Zhi Yang , Yingzong Liang , Wei Wu



In this paper, liquid-separation is attempted to plate condenser to improve the condensation of plate heat exchangers. Liquid-separation plate condenser (LPC) with two paths, three paths and four paths are proposed. The model exhibits good accuracy in predicting heat transfer coefficients (HTC). LPCs show superior performance to conventional plate condenser (CPC). There exists optimum configuration for each LPC, and they are selected for further study. It is found that the more paths LPC has, the higher HTC and heat load (Q) it would be. LPC with three paths and path length ratio (PLR) of 4:3:3 is recommended.

Keywords Liquid-separation, multiply paths, Plate condenser, PEC

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