Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Investigation On Heat Recovery From Dry Quenching Coke Of Lowrank Coal Upgrading Yingjie Fan, Minhui Dang , Bolun Yang



Aiming at the problems of high moisture content of semi-coke products, high water consumption in the production process and severe environmental pollution in the production process of coal pyrolysis, the paper proposes the process of using semi-coke dry quenching coke waste heat recovery by using inert gas as quenching medium. The simulation calculation of the pyrolysis semi-coke dry quenching waste heat recovery process was carried out. The initial temperature, water vapor content, and gas flow rate of different medium circulating gases were studied. The relationship between the preheating outlet temperature and the drying temperature of the coal was analyzed, and the energy saving effect of the process was analyzed and verified by experiments. The results show that the pyrolysis semicoke dry quenching coke waste heat recovery process is feasible; the quenching temperature and the coal drying waste heat outlet temperature have no significant relationship with the medium drying type, which is closely related to the specific heat of the gas; Compared with water-saving and energy-saving effect, it does not consume water, avoiding a series of problems caused by it. While meeting the process requirements, it can reuse 65-75% of the sensible heat of hot semi-coke. Theoretical analysis and experimental verification prove the good application prospect of this technology.

Keywords Coal pyrolysis, dry quenching, energy balance; water saving; clean coal technology

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