Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Investigation on Magnetocaloric Characteristics of Room Temperature Magnetic Refrigeration Materials GD, Gder and Gddy Zhimin Yang, Zhichao Xu, Yan Li, Guoxing Lin*



By means of the de Gennes model, the magnetocaloric characteristics of Gd-R (R= Dy, Er) alloys as well as Gd, which are materials for sustainable energy, are investigated and the related theoretical and experimental results are compared. The effects of Rdoped concentrations on the Curie temperature of Gd-R alloys are revealed. Furthermore, the dependencies of temperature of the heat capacities and adiabatic temperature changes of Gd, Gd0.95Dy0.05, and Gd0.95Er0.05 under 0 and 2T applied magnetic fields are analyzed and discussed. The calculated results shows that the Curie temperatures of these materials decrease with increasing R-doped concentration; the effect of magnetization/demagnetization on the adiabatic temperature change of Gd-R alloys is weak, but on the temperature at maximum adiabatic temperature change of Gd-R alloys is relatively evident. The calculation results in the present paper may provide some references for the parametric design of room temperature magnetic refrigerators that are energy conversion devices with environmental protection and energy saving.

Keywords Magnetocaloric material, Curie temperature, Heat capacity, Adiabatic temperature change, Sustainable energy

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