Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

Investigation on Synthetic Natural Gas Storage in the Form of Gas Hydrate Dhaval Patel, Bhavikkumar Mahant, Rajnish Kumar



Natural gas has the potential to replace the conventional liquid-based fuel economy. The shale gas boom catalyzed the development of natural gas catering facilities and inventions worldwide. Natural gas has contributed to lowering pollutant emissions and efficient energy conversion in transportation. The significant challenge presents to transporting natural gas economically and more safely. It has been published that liquefied natural gas transportation is favorable for a longer range, while small-scale transportation can be taken using compressed natural gas. Medium-scale natural gas transportation may be tackled by using gas hydrate as a transporting medium for natural gas. The current study discusses storing synthetic natural gas in the form of gas hydrate. The extensive experimental approach was used in the presence of well- known kinetic hydrate promotors and thermodynamic hydrate promotors. The micro Differential Scanning Calorimetry study was also performed in order to understand the fundamentals of the formation and dissociation of natural gas hydrate. The study was also extended for the artificial neural network-based modelling to reduce the future experiments’ dependency.

Keywords Natural gas hydrate, Energy storage and transportation, hydrate promotors, Artificial neural network, modelling

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