Volume 47

Investigation on the operation strategy for a complementary system of solar energy and natural gas Chunyang Jiang, Hao Feng, Ying Zhang, Dong Liu*, Qiang Li*



This paper designs a combined cooling, heating and power system based on the complementary conversion of solar energy and natural gas. An operation strategy based on the energy storage characteristics of the system is developed. The performance of the system under the new operation strategy is evaluated based on three indicators including the operation cost saving rate, the carbon dioxide emission reduction rate and the relative energy saving rate. The annual system performance is analyzed on typical days throughout different seasons. The results show that the developed operation strategy can achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency and economic benefits. Compared to the reference system, the designed system achieves considerable annual cost saving, CO2 emission reduction rate and relative energy saving rate of 15.12%, 31.51% and 28.52%, respectively. These promising results provide guidance for the integrated design and operational regulation of solar and fuel complementary systems.

Keywords complementary system, hybrid energy conversion, energy storage, operation strategy, seasonal variation

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