Volume 35: CCUS Technologies for the Carbon Neutrality: Part III

Knowledge Graph of Safety Production Research in CCUS Yihang Qin, Jinqiu HU



CCUS ( Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage ) is one of the key technologies to address global climate change. Both in China and internationally, research and development on CCUS has been on the rise in recent years. In the process of CCUS implementation, safety issues are naturally inevitable. In this paper, the knowledge graphs of CCUS safety technology are drawn based on Web of Science database with the help of CiteSpace. The analysis of the countries of publication shows that the United States and China account for most of the publications. The analysis of article co-occurrences demonstrates that CCUS technical safety research is mainly concentrated in the field of energy fuels and engineering, and the development status is obtained accordingly. The co-occurrence analysis of the subject terms yielded the most frequently used terms in this field. The results show that there is a large gap in the safety research on CCUS technology, with fewer articles published and the rigor and reliability of some articles still open to question. The research on CCUS safety technology still needs to be paid attention to, both in depth and breadth, so as to provide more stringent safety for CO2 resource utilization.

Keywords Knowledge Graph, CCUS, Safety Technology Information Visualization, CiteSpace

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