Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Laboratory Testing of Different Melting Temperature Phase Change Materials Under Four Season Conditions for Thermal Energy Storage in Building Envelope Ruta VANAGA, Jānis Narbuts, Ritvars FREIMANIS, Andra BLUMBERGA



In the light of an urge for conceptually new ideas for raising energy efficiency to meet 2050 EU decarbonisation plans, building thermal envelopes could be given new functionalities. Thus, to compensate the irregularities in the availability of solar energy, phase change materials might serve as the energy storage medium in the building envelope. Paper presents the comparison of two phase change materials with different melting temperatures 21 ˚C and 28˚C for application in building thermal envelopes. Conditions of four seasons in Northern Europe climate are simulated in laboratory testing. The average temperature in phase change materials and small-scale indoor space are compared.

Keywords Building envelope, solar thermal energy storage, melting temperature, latent heat, small scale PASSLINK test

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