Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Lanthanide-Based Perovskite Enhance Syngas Production for a Low-Carbon Future through Chemical Looping Dry Reforming of Methane Tianlong Yang, Jinrui Zhang, Qiong Rao, Zhongrui Gai, Yang Li, Ying Pan, Hongguang Jin



Chemical looping dry reforming of methane (CL-DRM) has emerged as a promising approach, providing a pathway to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by simultaneously converting methane and carbon dioxide into valuable syngas. In this study, we focus on the utilization of lanthanide-based perovskite oxygen carriers to enhance the performance of CL-DRM for syngas production. We investigate the influence of various operational parameters, including temperature, reactant gas ratio, and oxygen carrier composition, on the reactivity performance. The results reveal that the LaFe0.8Al0.2O3 oxygen carrier exhibited excellent activity in promoting the CL-DRM reactivity. Furthermore, this oxygen carrier showed high selectivity towards syngas production (CO selectivity>99%, H2/CO=2). These findings suggest that LaFe0.8Al0.2O3 perovskite oxygen carriers hold great potential for sustainable syngas production, contributing to the transition to a low-carbon future.

Keywords chemical looping, dry reforming of methane, syngas, perovskite

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