Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Life Cycle Assessment of a Novel Power-to-Fuel System for Methanol Production Using CO2 from Biogas Lea Eggemann, Neus Escobar, Ralf Peters, Peter Burauel, Detlef Stolten



Power-to-Fuel technologies are important for reducing fossil fuel consumption in the transport sector. Carbon dioxide (CO2) from biogas and hydrogen (H2) production from wind electrolysis provide convenient components for the synthesis of methanol. This study evaluates the environmental performance of a novel Power-to-Fuel (PTF) system, in which methanol is produced at a biogas production plant. A Life Cycle Assessment is carried out considering five feasible process routes in order to identify the one that delivers greater environmental benefits. The proposed system is also compared to a system of conventional methanol production. Results show improvements in most impact categories, which make it interesting from the environmental point of view.

Keywords power-to-Liquid, biogas from manure, smallscale methanol production, environmental impacts, scenario analysis

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