Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Life Cycle Assessment Of Torrefied Microalgae Biochar Using Torrefaction Severity Index Diana Rose Rivera, Aristotle Ubando, Alvin Culaba, Wei‐Hsin Chen, Jo‐Shu Chang



Microalgae biomass is composed of various bio‐ compounds which can be converted to biofuels. One type of solid fuel which can be derived from microalgae is biochar through torrefaction. However, the production of torrefied microalgae biochar may include environmental impact as it consumes raw materials and energy. A life cycle assessment of the production of torrefied microalgae biochar is proposed in the study using the torrefaction severity index. The results show the electricity requirement of the torrefaction largely contributes to the environmental impact and energy consumption. While the resulting global warming potential of the production of torrefied microalgae biochar using the torrefaction severity index yielded a non‐linear relation.

Keywords Life cycle assessment, Orrefaction, Microalgae, Biochar

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