Volume 1: Energy Innovations: Accelerated Deployment, New Concepts, and Emerging Technologies

Load Disaggregation Development Project: A NILM Proposal for Energy Usage Changes Joao G. I. Cypriano, Joao L. Juca, Hader A. D. Azzini, Luiz C. P. da Silva



This article approaches the consumption disaggregation methodologies for electricity bill breakdown, that aims to promote the user’s conscious consumption. That is, by accessing information about equipment use and consumption, consumers will become active agents in residential energy efficiency. The electric charges monitoring can be performed in several ways, however, regardless the used model, by analyzing the load curves of each equipment, through direct or disaggregated measurement (NILM), it is possible to understand the consumers and equipment behavior. This is, their electrical signatures, when compared to a standard, may indicate inefficient use or malfunction, by obsolescence or by default. Therefore, this paper concludes that the use of load disaggregation may go beyond its initial proposal to electricity bill breakdown, but to study behaviors of people and equipment in order to improve energy efficiency.

Keywords NILM, user behavior, load disaggregation

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