Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Loss Analysis of Hybrid AC/DC Distribution Network Considering VSC Control Strategy Shouxiang Wang, Haowu Liu, Qi Liu, Qing Chen, Jinggang Yang



In recent years, due to the development of DC load and large-scale grid-connected distributed generations (DGs), the hybrid AC/DC distribution network has drawn more attentions. This paper studies the influence of voltage source converter (VSC) control strategy on hybrid AC/DC distribution network loss. Firstly, the steady-state model of VSC is established. Then, the calculation method of hybrid AC/DC distribution network loss is given based on the AC/DC distribution network power flow calculation method. Finally, the control strategy and output power of VSC are determined by genetic algorithm (GA) with the goal of loss minimization. A typical AC/DC distribution network is used to analyze the influence of the VSC control strategies to hybrid AC/DC distribution network loss. The simulation result proves the effectiveness of the proposed minimization algorithm.

Keywords hybrid AC/DC distribution network; power flow calculation; loss minimization; converter control

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