Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

Manganese Residue Modified Steel Slag to Improve Low-temperature SCR of NOx Hongzhe Li, Xinyi Mao, Mingjie Zhang, Yipei Chen, Gang Yang



In this study, the denitrification performance of steel slag modified by manganese slag was studied. Different proportions of steel slag and electrolytic manganese anode mud mixtures were configured. The different proportions of the mixture would have varied physical and chemical properties. SS1+EMAM2 catalyst showed the nearly 100% NOx removal efficiency at 175°C. The specific surface area of steel slag is enhanced dramatically after modification by EMAM. Adding EMAM enhanced the weak acid sites and Brønsted-acid sites on the catalyst surface, resulting in a higher low-temperature SCR activity.

Keywords Industrial waste utilization, selective catalytic reduction, steel slag, electrolytic manganese anode mud

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