Volume 43: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VI

Matching Mechanism Research on a Hybrid Cycle Engine Yongrui Jiang, Yihao Xu, Jiyuan Zhang, Xuezhi Dong, Junchao Zheng, Chunqing Tan



With the increasing complexity of future flight conditions and the rapid development of aviation electrification, variable cycle and high-power extraction have become important directions of aero engines. This paper proposes the Hybrid Cycle Engine (HCE) conception which is the combination of heat engine, thruster and generator based on the traditional aero engines. Besides the basic thrust requirements, HCE can export high electric power, adjust the operating point of aero engine and increase thrust. The HCE breaks through the limitation of the Brayton cycle via the hybrid cycle including thermodynamics and electrodynamic. In this paper, the performance simulation model is established based on the principle of the thermoelectric hybrid cycle. The sensitivity analysis of power extraction of high and low pressure rotor under design conditions is carried out to explore the matching mechanism of the hybrid cycle. This paper provides research support for the realization of adaptive integrated energy management under all working conditions and taps the performance potential of the hybrid cycle.

Keywords hybrid cycle, matching mechanism, hybrid power system, variable cycle, aviation electrification

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