Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Mathematical Optimization of Macroalgae-Based Biofuel Supply Chain – A Logistic Case Study in Korea Mohammad Amin Zarei, Jay Liu, Jun-Hyung Ryu



Due to depleting fossil fuels, finding new and renewable energy resources becomes a strategic issue for the world. Although macroalgae has indigenous attractive, it does not play a key role in substitution for fossil fuels. Therefore, this work addresses the optimal design of macroalgae- based biofuel supply chain under economic objective to determine strategic level decision. It proposed mixed integer linear programing (MILP). the objective is minimizing total annual cost with regards to meet the fuel demand. Applicability of the proposed mathematical model is illustrated through a case study of south Korea. It is located in east Asia that is home of macroalgae.

Keywords macroalgae-to-biofuel conversion, biofuel supply chain, mixed integer linear programing (MILP), sustainability, strategic decision

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