Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Maximum Power Point Tracking Control of Wind Turbine Based on Prescribed Performance Function Method Lei Wang, Qilin Ran, Longge Ji



The stability of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of wind turbine(WT) system will be affected by the disturbance of external environment. The response speed, accuracy, and stability of the controller directly affect the efficiency and power generation of WT. In this paper, a novel robust adaptive controller with prescribed performance is designed to achieve MPPT. Robustness of the controller is used to overcome the effects of instantaneous variation characteristics of wind and disturbances on the stability of the WT system. Considering the uncertainty of the precise parameters of the WT system in the actual operation process, the adaptive algorithm is used to estimate the system parameters. In additional, the prescribed performance function is applied to MPPT to ensure the tracking speed and accuracy. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the controller in natural continuous turbulent wind speed.

Keywords Maximum power point tracking, prescribed performance function, robust adaptive control, wind turbine.

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