Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Mea/sg Capture CO2 In Thermal Electrochemical CO-drive System Wancheng Ding, Yunsong Yu, Zaoxiao Zhang, Geoff Wang



The Thermal Electrochemical Co-drive System (TECS) has the advantages of high desorption rate and low energy consumption. However, the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer performance is still unknown in TECS. Thus, a comprehensive experiment and simulation work on TECS is performed to demonstrate the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer performance in a pilot scale TECS. The reaction kinetics of the electrolyzed MEA/SG solution is discussed. A pilot-scale TECS is set up and gas-liquid two-phase flow model is developed for the TECS. According to the numerical computation and experiment, the gas-liquid two-phase flow field was analyzed under the thermal electrochemical co-drive conditions. The mechanism of heat and mass transfer was clearly understood. The synergy of thermal desorption and electrochemical desorption was quantified numerically. The results showed that the temperature of TECS was reduced below 60 ℃ and the energy consumption amount was determined at 1.3GJ/t to 2.1GJ/t, which is much lower than the conventional process. LNG cold energy reduced the desorption energy consumption.

Keywords TECS, CO2 capture, Numerical, Energy consumption

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