Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Mechanism Analysis and Evaluation System on Regional Integrated Energy System’S Synergic Development Xue Tan, Qiuli Zhao, Di Chen , Yue Wang, Xin Tian



Energy structure is gradually transforming from a traditional coal-based structure to a diversified supply model in China, forming a multi-wheel drive, associated and interactive energy supply system. In this context, the integrated energy supply system will have a profound impact on the traditional energy planning, operation, management and other external systems. Therefore, it is necessary to research the connotation and characteristics of regional integrated energy systems, and to deeply analyze the interactions and mechanisms among energy subsystems. This paper establishes a system of comprehensive benefit evaluation indicators in four dimensions of basic function, clean development, energy security and energy efficiency, which are applied to the typical scenario of regional integrated energy development and provide a scientific tool of quantitative analysis and evaluation of synergic development of the regional integrated energy supply system.

Keywords Regional integrated energy supply system, coordinated development, mechanism research, evaluation system.

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