Volume 42: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part V

Methodology to Quantify Cooling Demand in Typical UK Dwellings Lloyd Corcoran, Pranaynil Saikia, Carlos E. Ugalde-Loo, Muditha Abeysekera



As per the 2020 UN emissions report, the average global temperature will increase by 3oC compared to pre-industrial levels if no corrective measures are taken and, with this, the frequency and intensity of heatwaves will also increase. Such a temperature rise will lead to an increased cooling demand. Although cooling provision may exist in commercial and industrial premises, this may not be the case for households. This paper presents a methodology to quantify the cooling demand of typical UK dwellings in a warming world. The commercial software IES VE was adopted, and white box modelling was carried out based on a literature review of construction standards and methodologies. Model verification was conducted to ensure compliance with building standards—allowing for a high degree of confidence in the modelling approach and methodology to understand and quantify future cooling demand.

Keywords cooling demand, buildings, climate change

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