Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Metrics of Urban Morphology and Their Impact on Building Energy Consumption:Case Studies in Shanghai Shiyao Li, Yiqun Pan*, Yuan Pan, Cong Yu, Zhizhong Huang



Urban form is a significant factor affecting building energy consumption and district energy efficiency design and its effects are difficult to quantify. This study aims to explore the effects of various urban forms on energy consumption at the community scale.
In this work, different urban forms for non-residential and residential districts were analyzed based on the generic form of buildings in Shanghai in terms of their overall energy consumption. Detailed simulations were carried out to quantitatively evaluate the impact of urban form on heating and cooling energy demand. The effect of morphological parameters including both building typology and urban morphology were examined using a dynamic building energy simulation tool, EnergyPlus.

Keywords Urban form, Energy consumption, Morphological parameters, Office buildings, Residential buildings

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