Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Microfluidic Measurements of Diffusion Coefficients of ZnCl2-DMSO Electrolytes for Zn-ion Batteries Binbin Chen, Jin Xuan, Gregory James Offer, Huizhi Wang



Ion diffusivity is one of the most important properties in the electrolyte for batteries, as poor mass transport can cause large performance losses during operation. Therefore, the understanding of the relations between diffusivity and electrolyte conditions, such as compositions and concentrations, is crucial for designing proper electrolytes for batteries. In this paper, we investigate the diffusion of zinc ions in ZnCl2- DMSO electrolytes using microfluidics with fluorescence microscopy. It is found that the diffusion of zinc ions in the electrolytes is sensitive to concentration variations.

Keywords Diffusivity, Zinc-ion battery, Microfluidics, Fluorescence microscopy

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