Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

Mobile Application Driven Diffusion of Energy Saving Practices from Non Residential to Residential Buildings Yulizza Henao, Neda Mohammadi, John E. Taylor



One of the major barriers to closing the energy efficiency gap is the failure to successfully inform the population about measures to conserve energy. This paper introduces the design of a mobile application developed to improve energy conservation of residential buildings by informing occupants of transferrable energy efficient green features in a green-certified, nonresidential building. The application was developed to investigate dissemination of transferable energy saving practices to explore spillover effects from nonresidential to residential buildings. Our research aims to capitalize on such spillover effects to narrow the energy efficiency gap.

Keywords Buildings, diffusion of innovations, energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy saving practices, green features, mobile application, spillover effect

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