Volume 29: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part IV

Modeling and economic optimization scheduling strategy of wind-solar-storage coupled off-grid hydrogen production system Lei Wang, Bolong Mao



Due to the common intermittent characteristics of wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation and the complementary characteristics of power generation periods, the rational design of the operation energy scheduling strategy of the renewable energy hydrogen production system equipped with energy storage batteries is necessary and economical. In this paper, firstly, the off-grid DC bus architecture is optimally selected based on the study of the wind-solar storage coupled hydrogen production system, and the system model is established in Matlab/simulink environment. Secondly, considering the constraints such as equipment power leveling and service life, combined with the study of system optimization scheduling strategy, an economic optimization scheduling model is established with the goal of maximizing system revenue. Finally, we set up different working conditions for simulation analysis to verify the effectiveness and feasibility of the Simulink model and the economic optimization scheduling strategy of the wind-solar storage coupled off-grid hydrogen production system. This paper aims to provide ideas and methods for energy transition and renewable energy hydrogen production system to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Keywords Wind-solar storage, hydrogen production from renewable energy, off-grid, energy scheduling

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