Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

Modeling Gas Turbines In Multi-energy Systems: A Linear Model Accounting For Part-load Operation, Fuel, Temperature, And Sizing Effects Lukas Weimann, Mabel Ellerker, Gert Jan Kramer, and Matteo Gazzani



So far, the role of fossil fuels in future energy systems is still uncertain. To obtain a deeper understanding of how conversion technologies for fossil fuels act in multi-energy systems (MES), we extended our mixed integer linear programming (MILP) modeling framework for MES, first introduced by Gabrielli et al. [1], by adding gas turbines. This work presents the modeling approach for said gas turbines, focusing on the linear description of the efficiency’s dependency on load and ambient temperature. Furthermore, the model considers the possibility of selecting either natural gas or hydrogen as fuel, which affects the efficiency as well. A series of simple, proof-of-concept simulations were conducted to show the functionality of the model.

Keywords hydrogen, gas turbine, modeling, mixed integer linear programming, multi-energy system optimization

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