Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Modeling, Simulation and Systematic Analysis for High-Temperature Adiabatic Fix-Bed Process of SNG With Novel Catalysis Quancong Zhang, Zhikai Cao, Yong Sha, Binghui Chen, Hua Zhou*



A novel systematic analysis framework based on modeling and simulation is provided for optimization of the methanation process using novel high-temperature tolerant catalysts. In this framework, the reactor is described by kinetic equation and energy balance. 3 schemes for methanation processes and 2 types of feedstock are investigated. In addition, different reaction temperature is considered for different schemes and different feedstock. Furthermore, the solution method is proposed for simulation and optimization the different process schemes. To compare the performance of different schemes, economic analysis including methane profit, steam profit, and compressing work consumption is investigated. Comprehensive considering different profit, the total profit for different schemes is provided and the optimal scheme is obtained.

Keywords methanation, process optimization, simulation, SNG, profit analysis

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