Volume 10: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part II

Modeling the Rapid Development of Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Technology Under China Carbon Neutral Scenario Based on China-TIMES Model Shu Zhang, Wenying Chen



With the target of carbon neutrality in 2060, China’s energy system must undergo a huge transformation. Based on the bottom-up energy system model China-TIMES, this paper generates energy consumption, CO2 emissions and technology options for the future deep decarbonization scenario. The model result shows that the peak time of CO2 will significantly affect the emission level in 2050 and will have a crucial impact on the achievement of carbon neutrality. Quantitative analysis indicates electric vehicles and renewable energy will be essential if we hope to accomplish carbon neutrality target. With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the demand for energy storage technology is growing, and the operating mode of energy storage technology will change from charging at night to charging during the day. The coordinated development of electric vehicles, renewable energy and energy storage technology will become a highlight of China’s low carbon transition.

Keywords Electric vehicles, Renewable energy, Energy storage technology, Carbon neutrality, Energy system modeling, TIMES model

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