Volume 36: Intelligent Energy Solutions for Resilient Urban Systems

Modelling Noise Behaviour Taxes and Mitigating Climate Change in Sustainable Eco-Cities of Monarchy of Concordia Himanshu Dehra



The objective of the paper is to develop a model and a conceptual framework for noise behaviour monitoring and mitigating climate change by imposing global environmental taxes and externalities on “Noise Behaviour” through the monarchy of Concordia. The paper has presented the modelling of noise behaviour taxes and tariffs and climate change mitigation in the monarchy of Concordia. The Design of Experiment (DoE) for modelling “Noise Behaviour Taxes” with the statistical method of “Response Surface Methodology and Robust Parameter Design (Taguchi Technique)” has been utilized. The concepts of energy efficiency and societal well-being are presented by defining energy intensities and noise.

Keywords environmental taxes, energy intensities, noise, sustainable eco-cities, monarchy of Concordia, climate change

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