Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Module Integrated High Gain DC-DC Converter for Solar Based EV Charging Station Vandana Arora, Vishal Verma



Omnipresent charging infrastructure is a requisite for ensuring smooth transition to e-mobility. Reliable, sustainable, cost-effective and photovoltaic (PV) panel based charging of EV batteries could be befitting solution. This paper presents a PV module-integrated converter for EV charging station which can track maximum power point besides providing requisite high gain boost in voltage to a usable value even under intermittent conditions, i.e. insolation variation and partial shading conditions. The current control scheme evacuates the maximum available power amidst intermittent conditions. The performance of the system is evaluated under Matlab/Simulink environment. Presented simulation results show close conformity with design and validates the effectiveness of the system proposed.

Keywords module integrated converter, incremental conductance algorithm, insolation variation, partial shading condition, EV charging

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