Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

MOF-derived CoSx and microspherical ZnIn2S4 with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogeneration activity Yueying Zheng, Fan Wang, Yipei Chen, Tao Wu



The design and preparation of highly effective semiconductor-based photocatalysts for water splitting is an important issue. To accomplish this, a novel Z-Scheme heterojunction for efficient carrier separation and transition is developed. ZnIn2S4/CoSx composite photocatalyst with high photoactivity under visible light irradiation is designed. The ZnIn2S4 exhibits a 3D flower-like microsphere structure, and ZIF-67-derived dodecahedral CoSx nanospheres are tightly embedded in the ZnIn2S4 petals’ gaps. This design allows for fast charge separation and transfer improving the hydrogen generation reaction efficiency considerably. This ZnIn2S4/CoSx composite heterostructures demonstrate outstanding activity with a hydrogen-producing rate of more than 8 mmol g-1 h-1, which is about 6-fold of the pristine ZnIn2S4.

Keywords MOF, Dodecahedral CoSx, ZnIn2S4, hydrogen generation

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