Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Morphology of Carbon Dioxide Hydrate with Mixed Additive of Tetrahydrofuran(THF) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(SDS) Nan Xu, Yu Liu, Mingjun Yang, Lanlan Jiang Yongchen Song



Gas hydrate, as an effective method for Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, is facing the problem of the slow kinetics associated with hydrate formation. Adding promoters such as tetrahydrofuran(THF) and sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS) has become a good solution to promote the formation. In this paper, the formation process of CO2 hydrate in the presence of 5.56mol% THF with and without 500ppm SDS has been studied combined with morphology. The experiments are carried at the temperature from 279K to 283K and the pressure of 3Mpa. The results show that the combination of THF and SDS has a better effect than adding THF alone. And it provides morphological changes during the formation process. When ΔT≤10K, the hydrates with needle-like morphology are observed and when ΔT>10K, there are dendrite-like crystals.

Keywords CO2 capture, hydrate, promoter, formation morphology

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