Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Multi-Scenario Operation Strategy for ESS Based on Dynamic Programming Algorithm QIU Di, WANG Haojing, LIU Dong, ZHANG Yu, FANG Chen, XU Qin



The multi-scenario operation of the energy storage system (ESS) improves its economy and makes it more widely used in the power grid. By categorizing the operation scenario into the periodic running and triggering running scenarios, a novel optimal control strategy for the ESS under multi-scenario operation is presented in this paper. In order to evaluate the maximum input/output power of ESS, a new power capability index (PCI) is defined. Base on the PCI, the peak-shaving optimization model is built. Then the dynamic programming algorithm is used to solve this model. Evaluated on a 10kV substation in Shanghai, the proposed control strategy effectively alleviates the peak load pressure of power supply and responds the operation commands by different roles in the power system efficiently.

Keywords energy storage system, multi-scenario operation, dynamic programming algorithm, peak-shaving, frequency modulation

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