Volume 02: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 1, Sweden, 2019

Multi-Scene Operation Control of Household Microgrid Based on Power Router Dan Wang , Xiran Ma, Xin Meng, Yanbin Zhu , Xiangtao Sun , Yunian Chen


The promotion of distributed renewable power generation and the development of power electronic converters have promoted the application of DC microgrid in households. In this paper, based on the existing household power structure, a home-based power router is proposed, and according to various operating scenarios in real life, a master-slave control strategy for converting the main control power supply is proposed for different operating conditions in gridconnected mode and island mode. By building the circuit model of household power router, monitoring the voltage fluctuation of DC bus and the power fluctuation of photovoltaic, energy storage, power grid and load, the practical control strategy of microgrid router is verified and analyzed.

Keywords master-slave control, multi-scene operation, power router, voltage fluctuation

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