Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Multi-Time Scale Dynamics Decomposition and Analysis of Fuel Cell Power System Jianzhong Zhu, Minfang Han



The dynamic responses of Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power system across multiple time scales from micro seconds to minutes due to the phenomena of different nature that governing. Mismatching the time scale differences may lead to fuel starving and thermal shock during the fast load following. In this paper, the singular perturbation (SP) theory was introduced for modeling the mutli-time scale system dynamics. The dynamic model of SOFC power system in the coordinates in which slow and fast variables were explicitly defined and exactly separated. The resulting multi-single time scale models facilitate a better understanding of system dynamics, key parameters and their interactions, such as temperature, mass flow rate, current and voltage. Effective SOFC power system controllers can be designed based on these results.

Keywords advanced energy technologies, energy systems for power generation, SOFC, Multi-time scale, singular perturbation

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