Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

New Design Arrangement for the PV Roof-Integrated system Saneej Nihadh, Saqaff Ahamed Alkaff



This paper introduces a new innovative concept for the PV rooftop design. It is intended to replace the conventional roof tile with a new arrangement using solar collector cartridges. The new cartridge design encapsulates a frameless PV panel and thermal insulation material in a “double E-Shape” section frame, to ease the assembly of the cartridge components. Two design modules solar collector cartridges were proposed to suit the installation arrangement on the roof. Where, in the first design the solar collector cartridges are placed on a pre-prepared rectangular section frame, such that every two adjacent cartridges provide a proper sealing, while the system wiring is arranged to pass through the hollow section frame. The other solar collector cartridge module design is provided with an interlock arrangement. Both modules design will act to limit the heat flow from the rooftop to the building interior space by 60% compared to the conventional roof tile. Rainwater runway channels were provided to ease water flow and cleaning. Air vents were made in the body of the solar collector cartridge to cool the PV panel. The cartridge design module dimension of 0.915 m (L) x 0.790 m (W) x 0.06 m (H). It occupies an area of 0.72 m2, and less than 15 kg to ease handling, installation, and maintenance. While capable to generate an average daily energy of 1.04 kWh/m2.

Keywords Solar Collector Cartridge Rooftop, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV), Thermal Insulation, Frameless Solar PV Panel.

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