Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

Novel Concept for a Portable Personalized Ventilator with Embedded Air Treatment System to Disinfect, Dehumidify, Cool, and Capture Carbon at Low Energy (A) Nesreen Ghaddar, Kamel Ghali, Jean Paul Harrouz, Elvire Katramiz



A personalized stationery air treatment unit is proposed in this work to provide acceptable breathable air quality and adequate thermal comfort in in poorly ventilated spaces. The system consists of a coaxial personalized ventilation system integrated with an antibacterial filter and a metal organic framework-coated thermoelectric cooling unit. Validated mathematical models were developed to minimize the system size while maintaining thermally comfortable conditions. The system was simulated to determine its operative conditions and its required energy consumption. The supplied air conditions at the user’s breathing zone were met by the system ensuring acceptable air quality and thermal comfort levels. The system needed a total of 60 g of Nb-OFFIVE-1-Ni adsorbent with 130 W of electrical energy to properly operate the cooling unit and the fans.

Keywords personalized ventilation, disinfection, carbon capture, desiccant dehumidification

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